Disposable Art Stroll

From Disposable Camera to ART: Shoot Your Very Own Art Zine with 35mm B&W Film 

A one-day weekend photography workshop with Mitchell Pagan.

Tuition $299 (10% of proceeds support RISE Yoga for Youth!) 
Location: Lands End. 
*Meet at Trail Head in the parking lot off Point Lobos Avenue, San Francisco, CA San Francisco, CA, San FranciscoCA

Provided In This Workshop:

• (2) B&W disposable cameras = 54 exposures

• Guided field tour

• Tips and tricks 

• One on one instruction

• Photos developed within one week

• 54 exposures from your camera curated into a custom printed B&W Art-zine.

More abuot this workshop: 

Save yourself from the edge of artistic crisis. Move away from your gear, and force yourself to become a better photographer. Like most of us, I believed that better equipment would produce better images. Good philosophy right? Well, maybe not. After years of playing the level-up game with every kind of digital camera, I simply hit rock bottom and felt the need to go back to my roots, which happened to be a small plastic liberation device.

Exactly, liberation was what I was seeking when I rediscovered my old friend, the disposable camera. My gear at the time was so cumbersome that real street photography was almost impossible to capture without looking like a certified creep. Even with a Leica, I felt like an exposed hatchling unwilling to explore for fear of falling and damaging my beautiful leather wrapped rangefinder.  

I decided that if I couldn't produce quality photographs from a disposable camera, I would quit this love affair for good and follow my Dharma elsewhere! 

If you've ever felt this way before, you're going to love this meet-up. I'm going to teach you how to push your creative limits and use a disposable camera's weaknesses to your advantage and create opportunities from those deficiencies. 

During this workshop, we are going to do a crash course on fundamental philosophy and then we are going to break every rule we can to achieve the best results. At the end of this excursion, you will have a beautiful Art-zine that you can show off to your friends. 

Organized by Mitchell Pagan.