Gratitude in Motion 2014 @ Yoga Tree
11.27.2014 Yoga Tree is offering twelve classes for our Gratitude in Motion event this Thanksgiving holiday!  

Check out the list of locations, teachers and class times and join RISE and the Yoga Tree community to bring yoga to public schools.  Hope to see you there!

Yoga Tree Hayes, SF
11/8 Jivamukti Vinyasa with Amanda Moran at 9am 

Yoga Tree Valencia, SF
11/16 Vinyasa All Levels with Sonya Genel at 9:00am

Yoga Tree 6th Ave, SF
11/17 Vinyasa Alignment with Sam Palmer at 4:30pm
11/17 Hatha Flow All Levels with Sonya Genel at 6:15pm

Yoga Tree Potrero, SF
11/18 Vinyasa All Levels with Ericka Montana at 9am 

Yoga Tree Stanyan, SF
11/15 Restorative w/ Hand-On Healing with Elise Collins at 6:15pm
11/24 Hatha All Levels with Brenna Geehan at 10:35am

Yoga Tree Corte Madera, Marin
11/14 Kundalini All Levels with Liya Garber @ 4:30pm

Yoga Tree Telegraph, Berkeley
11/19 Kundalini All Levels with Liya Garber at 4:30pm
11/21 Vinyasa All Levels with Sean Felt at 10:30am  
11/23 Vinyasa All Levels with Marina Guastucci at 11:00am
11/27 Thanksgiving Morning! - Vinyasa All Levels with Rachel Shaw at 8:45am